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Here are some tips we teach at our volleyball camps to help you build up your vertical jump. Tip #1: See what you are starting with. Start by standing next to a tall wall with a post-it note in your hand. Jump as high as you possibly can and leave the post-it note on the wall where you reach.

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The depth jump is one of the leading exercises at shortening the amortization phase (this is the phase between the loading and the explosion part of your jump). By shortening this transition phase you’ll greatly increase your vertical jump and reaction time. Why you should include it in your volleyball jump training

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Free 6-Week Volleyball Jump Workout. Dynamic Warm-up. Light jog for 5 minutes. Jump rope or Jumping jacks for 3-5 minutes. 3 sets of 16 reps of lunges (body weight)

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Volleyball Jumping Drills Hop Over Drill | Plyometrics | Jump Height. Volleyball players will begin with a vertical leap over some type of a... Proper Form | Hop Over Drill. Coaches and trainers need to watch out for volleyball players leaving their knees in and... Lateral Jumps | Plyometric Hop ...

8 Drills To Increase Vertical Jump To Become More Explosive

Depth jumps are another great jump training drill to improve reactive strength as well as one of the best jump exercises to increase an athlete's vertical jump. 6. Split Squat Jumps. This jumping movement is a movement that involves the ankles, knees, and hip flexing to produce triple extension.

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Split Jump Lunge. This is ideal for strengthening muscles in the quads, glutes, hips and hamstrings. This exercise should be done working towards full range of motion going into the lunge part of the jump. Assume a squatting lunge position, with one-foot forward and the other behind you.

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Plyometric exercises increase strength and explosive speed, while reducing reaction time. Volleyball plyometrics will help you move faster on the court, and jump higher at the net. Leg Plyometrics Exercises are going to be a huge asset to your volleyball training plan. Doing the exercises regularly can help you gain the vertical jump to be a better blocker and hitter, and can also make you a better defensive player because you will have the speed and agility to cover more of the court.

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before moving on. For example, a hitting drill will work on either speed or accuracy but not both until the athlete is more advanced. Bleacher Jump This vertical jumping drill lets athletes build muscle as well as discipline. Athletes stand on the floor at the edge of the bleacher stairs. They jump from the floor to the first step on