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A hybrid string setup is the use of two different strings in the mains and cross strings of a tennis racquet. This can be as simple as using two different gauges of the same string but is more commonly done with two completely different string materials. For example, natural gut with a polyester.

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A: This is a question that comes up pretty regularly, especially since hybrid stringing has become so popular at all levels of tennis. The simple answer is yes, you can absolutely string your mains and crosses at slightly different tensions, though I strongly advise against using drastically different tensions.

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When you string a racket via the 2 piece method you start by stringing and tying off the mains (vertical strings) before moving on to the crosses (horizontal strings). The “fun” part with 2 piece stringing is that you can either use the same string for both the mains and crosses or, (hold for dramatic pause) you can use different strings.

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Hybrid stringing is a method of using different tennis strings for the main and for the cross strings on a tennis racket. This means that strings of different thickness or different material are used. The grandfather of the hybrid stringing method is considered to be Roger Federer who started using it a decade ago and made it popular.

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Updated : 12 June 2015. Hybrid tension means , stringing the mains and the crosses at different tensions. A 52 pounds mains and 48 pounds crosses will be referred to as 52/48 ( mains/crosses). Tension is responsible for many characteristics, but it is mainly for , control , power and comfort (Both types). The mains strings contributes more significantly to these 3 factors, as such, tension in the mains affects these 3 factors greatly.

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Jan 26, 2012. #1. When I look at Jura's fine post of Pro's racket specs taken at the French Open, 60 of the pro's used the same string in both main and cross rather than a hybrid. Of these not hybriding almost half used different tensions between the main and cross with 42% using a cross 1 kg (2.2 lbs) less tension than the main while only 5% used a cross 1 kg higher than the main.

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The ratio of the width to the length of a racquet is 3/4. 4/3 x 3/4 is one! The mains & crosses are thus equally STIFF. This is a bit simplistic. The following affect main/cross balance in a hybrid: inherent string stiffness, draw tensions and tension loss. If you want perfection, measure the length of EVERY string & pull it PROPORTIONALLY!

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The first hybrid appearing with regularity on the Pro Tours was in the early 1990s — a Kevlar main string paired with either a nylon synthetic gut or natural gut cross string. Andre Agassi used a hybrid of Ashaway Kevlar and Babolat VS for most of his career. According to Steve Crandall of Ashaway, today most hybrids take that same form.