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What is the marks vs percentile analysis of CAT 2019? - Quora

Math section: Score required for 70%ile is 17 marks. If we attempt 7 questions and get 6 correct and 1 incorrect we should be able to reach the mark. There are around 10 out of 34 questions in the CAT19 exam which are sitters or easy. If you can identify 6 of them and try and get them correct, your work will be done.

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200+ marks in CAT is equivalent to scoring more than 100 runs in 50 over ODI Cricket match. Consider the following three scenarios: If VA & Quant are your strong areas, then your score card (marks) could be like this: CASE I: VA: 78 marks. DILR: 40 marks. Quant: 82 marks. If VA & DILR are strong, then your marks could be like this. CASE II: VA: 85 marks

How much marks are required to get 95+ percentile in cat exam ...

Answer (1 of 6): Out of 32 or 34 questions in each of the three sections in CAT, if you can get 13-14 net correct it may fetch you 95 percentile and even above.

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Answer (1 of 10): I'll take a shot, but it's pretty evident that their would be subjectivity in the answer. Attempt 1: So, I opened up Excel and entered my approximate AimCAT percentiles and checked correlation with actual percentile.

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But if you get the same score in CAT, your percentile will be higher than 90. Why? While giving a mock, your score is scaled with candidates who are prepared and are serious for CAT. In actual CAT, total candidates will be 10 times higher around 1.5 Lakhs out of which 50% will be lesser prepared than you are.

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Answer (1 of 5): AIMCAT are slightly on the tougher side. I have two friends who are regular time student in Jaipur. Well, they both are good in all the three sections while solving the question at home or during the group studies, although if we talk about their score in AIMCAT they hardly able ...

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CAT score is the total marks obtained by a candidate in the exam while, CAT percentile is a relative score viz, the total number of candidates who qualify the exam. CAT percentile matters a lot in screening of candidates for the first round of IIM admission, i.e. Written Ability Test and Personal Interview (WAT-PI).

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Answer (1 of 3): Yes, You can surely crack CAT with an effective hours of preprations. And 40–70 is a much decent score if u give more of ur effort and practice you can surely increase your scores as there is plenty of time .. If you are non engineer increase your score in verbal as much as you ...

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