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French Basketball Vocabulary - List Of Useful Terms

Here you will find a complete French basketball vocabulary word list. le panier basket. le filet net. l’anneau hoop. le ballon ball. le panneau backboard. le numéro number. la ligne de trois points 3-point line. la ligne de centre center line.

Basketball positions - English to French Translation

Basketball positions (English to French translation). Translate Basketball positions to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time.

From Golf to Basketball, Here's How to Talk Sports in French

For example: to hike > faire une randonnée. Some sports also have their own verb, which is a one-word verb form of the noun. Those are listed in the right-hand column below. For example: to wrestle > faire de la lutte or lutter. Notice that le golf can use either jouer au or faire and is on both lists.

point guard [basketball - Translation into French - examples ...

A combo guard is a basketball player who combines the attributes of a point guard (1) and shooting guard (2), but does not necessarily fit the standard description of either position. Un combo guard est un joueur de basket-ball qui combine les attributs d'un meneur (1) et d'un arrière (2), mais ne correspond pas à la description de l'une ou l'autre position.

French Baseball Vocabulary - Positions, Equipment & Players

left field le champ gauche. helmet le casque. catcher le receveur. pitcher le lanceur. to catch attraper. to throw lancer. to run courir. to field (the ball) être en défense. to slide glisser.

General French sport terms (Free PDF) | Talk in French

a basketball player (m) une basketteuse: a basketball player (f) un footballeur: a football player, soccer player (m) une footballeuse: a football player, soccer player (f) un golfeur: a golfer (m) une golfeuse: a golfer (f) un hockeyeur: a hockey player (m) une hockeyeuse: a hockey player (f) un joueur de tennis: a tennis player (m) une joueuse de tennis

Players/Coaches Transfers Movement in France - eurobasket

French basketball Players and coaches Transfers News at eurobasket

Basketball Positions - NBA.com: Jr. NBA

A basketball team can have a lot of players, but only five can play in a game at any one time. Players in a basketball game have assigned basketball positions: center, power forward, small forward, point guard, and shooting guard. The center is the tallest player on each team, playing near the basket. On offense, the center tries to score on close shots and rebound.