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3. Fundamentals – Dribbling – Ch.1 – Basketball

Dribble the ball more toward your fingertips and not with your palms. The ball must be dribbled with one hand at a time, and ideally, the player keeps his/her head up while dribbling (to have a better spatial orientation, know where defenders are, or see open teammates). To protect the ball when dribbling, use your off hand to defend against opposing players, or you can slightly turn your body so it is in between the ball and the defender.

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Spider Dribble - Feet spread about shoulder width. Dribble the ball between your legs in the following manner - left hand, right hand in front of your legs; left hand, right hand behind your legs. Work to as fast a possible. Drop and Catch - Hold ball between your legs with right hand in front of your body, left hand behind. Drop the ball and exchange you hand position and re-catch the ball before it hits the ground.

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Fundamentals of Dribbling. Watch NBA legend Isiah Thomas walk through all of the basic fundamentals of dribbling to help you start developing your handle.

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Watch NBA Legend Isiah Thomas go through some of the dribbling basics.

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Working both left and right hand. Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone (if you're not making some mistakes you're not getting out of your comfort zone). Before getting into the drills, you might want to read the 5 Things You Need To Know To Be a Great Ball Handler and 7 Common Traits in Elite Level Dribbling.

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One of the most important basketball fundamentals for all young players to learn and improve is their dribbling ability. (ALL players, not just the team’s point guard) Dribbling allows a player in possession of the basketball to move around the basketball court without getting whistled for a traveling violation.

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BASIC DRIBBLING DRILLS. Right-Hand Pound Dribble: Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart and bend at the knee for a lower stance. Put right hand (or fingertips) on the training cone. Pound the basketball with the right hand repeatedly for thirty seconds.

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Dynamic Dribbling Drills with Liam Simmons – Colorado Christian Univ. October 19, 2021 • By Missouri Basketball Coaches Association. Watch as Coach explains, and players demonstrate this dynamic dribbling series. The players need to have wide feet and be in a sit-down position with a strong back while dribbling.