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Slang and Common Terms Used in Basketball Players in a basketball game are intent on throwing the ball through the basket by all the legal means necessary. In the process, they might shout terms to their teammates about different strategies or techniques to try.

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With the sport being over 100 years old and the popularity growing international, the list of basketball terms to describe all parts of the game continue to grow. Below is a comprehensive list of basketball terms to help educate fans of all levels. # 15 footer 2-For-1 2 Pointer 2-3 Zone Defense 24-Second Violation 3-Second Violation 5-Second Violation

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In basketball, the slang term “buckets’ refers to made shots or baskets. Catch and Shoot. When an offensive player receives a pass and immediately attempts to make a basket. This usually refers to an outside shot. Charity Stripe. The free throw line in basketball is called the charity stripe.

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(Expression) This slang simply means “to play some basketball” in a friendly manner. Example: Hey! The court is free now. Want to shoot some hoops? Spine Tingler. Meaning: (Noun) Popularized by Kenny Smith, the spine tingler is a dunk that fails spectacularly because the ball hits the rim, causing it to go out. It causes a loud metallic sound.

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Wiggle: Being able to manoeuvre in and out of defenders with the basketball. Putting ‘em on skates: When you dribble past a defender, making him look like he’s on skates (falling). Making it rain: When a player or team is making shots left right and centre. It’s like he/they can’t miss. You just can’t stop scoring.

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Slang for basketball (Related Terms) - Urban Thesaurus. tree hockey bball michael jordan ball nba indiana wet the rock rock nappy headed ho ballin lakers bad word street ball allen iverson b-ball hooper kobe j juan on juan blake griffin nappy headed hos dwayne wade trey hoop pistons wnba tim duncan cager wrestling uconn larry bird pitt canada redacted c-house streetball fiba north carolina dime kansas jayhawks bigs dunkadelic african round ball bbbc mikaya lithuania.

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Lay-Up: A shot taken close to the hoop, usually when a player is moving toward the basket. M. Man-to-Man: A defensive strategy in which each player on the defensive team guards one person on the opposing team. 1; 2; 1; of; 2; NEXT Related Items

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Hoop: Another word for basket. Inbounds Pass: A toss of the ball inbounds from out-of-bounds. Incidental Contact: Normal, legal contact between players. Inside Cut: An offensive player passes the ball to a teammate and then quickly advances toward the basket in order to receive a return pass.